How limits on certain eBay categories work

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How limits on certain eBay categories work
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/nFor some sellers, we limit the number of items that can be listed in a calendar month in some categories. These limits may apply to your account if:/nIt's been less than 90 days since your first successful sale as an eBay seller./nYou haven't sold multiple items in this category before/nYou haven't sold in this category in over a year/nCases have been opened for more than 3% of your total transactions in the last year/nYou need to establish a positive selling history in the category you're listing in and show that you're able to meet the needs of your customers before you are permitted to list higher quantities. We may also require you to confirm your personal information./nStarting out small also gives you a chance to become familiar with eBay and to make sure you're following EBAYS selling practices policy./nOnce you've been a seller for more than 90 days, confirmed your personal information, have sold multiple items in the category you want to list in, and have a proven track record of providing excellent customer service and following EBAYS rules and policies, these specific category limits will be removed. Other limits may still apply. Since these specific category limits are automatically removed, you don't need to do anything else./nWe can help you with a much quicker solution we at stealth success and power seller shop we can provide you with a well established eBay business which allows you to sell a lot of items in any category and without any limits placed on the account. Visit our web site below to learn more on how we can help you. /nlearn more and

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